About me.

I’m Efisio Saverio Mannai, and I’m truly passionate about travel and the art of storytelling. I’ve been on a lifelong journey of exploration and adventure. It’s taken me to some incredible places across Europe, Central America, and Africa. I was born and raised in the Netherlands.Now I call the enchanting island of Sardinia, Italy, my home. The natural beauty and unique charm of this Mediterranean gem inspire me every day. My experiences have been diverse, and my knowledge is extensive, thanks to my adventures in numerous countries. I’ve come to deeply appreciate the remarkable diversity of our world.

This global perspective is the cornerstone of my travel blog. My blog is more than just a travel resource; it’s an inspiration hub for anyone seeking extraordinary and unforgettable travel experiences. Through my engaging and informative posts, I try to bring the wonders of incredible destinations to life. I offer practical advice and share firsthand insights to help fellow travelers discover hidden gems, navigate new cultures, and embark on epic adventures. My unwavering commitment to sharing the beauty of the world has made me a valuable resource and a source of inspiration for those who aspire to explore and create memories in the world’s most extraordinary places.

myself at Table Mountain in Cape Town ,South Africa
Me at Table Mountain in Cape Town,South Africa.